Quote Spotlight : "A piercing pain reverberates through his body, coming from the dagger planted squarely between his shoulder blades. But the pain is fleeting as the floor beneath Hector caves in, plummeting him into endless darkness." - The Hesitant Blade of Amn: Chapter 3  

Current Year in Faerun: 15 Hammer 1482 DR Year of the Narthex Murders

Current Year in Eberron: 998 YK

Anything that took place after the year stated above did not happen in our campaign and will not be stated in the articles. Also, events that have changed due to the acts of player characters will also have an effect on the articles in this wikia. 

Worldly News of FaerunEdit

Hammer 15 - The entire treasury of the great wyrm blue dragon, Iryklathagra, was stolen by a group of thieves.

Hammer 10 - The dwarves from East Rift retook the upper levels and the magical golden Gates of Underhome, previously overrun by drow. They later sealed the city by fortifying the Gates and placing newer ones, also magical and made of iron

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A Forgotten Realms Campaign that is driven by their players. Each campaign will update the site for others to see how and what is happening in the FR that my player's are experiencing. 

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The hesitant blade of Amn

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